A Kafka Postcard Partially Addressed and Mailed To Myself


To the best of my knowledge I am the only Jon Sasaki in Toronto, and I am not particularly difficult to find. That said, I have very little hope of ever receiving this postcard, mailed to myself from Prague, addressed in a manner that would have been fairly common in Kafka's day. I have seen numerous examples of early 20th century postcards with no address information other than the recipient's name and city, cards which I assume were successfully delivered. A century later, it would still be entirely possible for a Canadian federal postal employee to track down the missing information and direct this card to my mailbox, although it would necessitate a measure of keen personal interest and "above and beyond" dedication to the task. In all likelihood this postcard will end up swallowed by the sort of bureaucratic void that Kafka knew so well.

This page will be updated if the card ever shows up.