A Minimalist Cube Shipped With Minimal Effort and Expense.

2012, Powdercoated steel cube, accumulating shipping labels, 12" x 12".

The infrastructure needed to properly handle minimalist work is impressive; specialized shippers, crate builders, conservators, installers toil to keep the work immaculate. If they leave no trace of their enormous efforts, they've done their job well. Like a beautiful, high-stakes Rube Goldberg Machine, the end result is meant to be as nominal as possible.

This piece short-circuits that apparatus, it has been divorced from the world of white cotton gloves. It will be stored uncrated, shipped as cheaply as possible, and installed modestly on whatever kind of table is available. Beginning life as a pristine and perfect cube, it has already begun to acquire a hide of shipping labels and a patina of scuffs and chips. Eschewing stasis, it will expand forever as label upon label is added. One day it will be a round ball of stickers.

Above: A Minimalist Cube, as of September 2014

Above: A Minimalist Cube, newly fabricated.