A Machine to Replicate the Effect of a Breeze Through an Open Window.

2012, Air compressor pump, motor, plexi enclosure, electrical components, 100' hose, inline filters, aluminum square bar. Dimensions variable. Installation view: Gallery 101, Ottawa.

An air compressor and motor was placed on the ledge outside a sealed second-story window. One hundred feet of hose exited the compressor, went across the ledge, down the facade, through the street-level door, up the stairwell and back into the gallery to terminate on the inside of the same window. A perforated aluminum bar diffused the air in a gentle breeze-like trickle.

A complicated way of accomplishing something very simple; namely cracking open a window. A convoluted Rube Goldberg-like circuit in which the pristine, hermetically-sealed integrity of the gallery space was maintained. The white cube remained uncorrupted while a heavily-filtered, consistently-portioned "breath of fresh air" was pumped in.