A Four-Digit Clock Counting From 9999 Down To 0000

2016, installation, LED clock segments, timing module, installation view: YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto.

A large-scale light installation in the form of a functioning but fragmented and therefore indecipherable digital clock, counting steadily from 9999 down to zero at a slow, plodding pace. Although it was not apparent to viewers what point in the process they walked in on, they were nevertheless cognizant of the fact that something imminent was about to begin or something was in the process of coming to an inevitable end. Ambiguous and somewhat unsettling, the piece was intended to invite free associations ranging from the apocalyptic to the celebratory. For some, the monochromatic light environment recalled minimalist work, a reference consistent with the clock's reduction to null. For others, disco floors, cesspools, aurora borealis came to mind. For most, the disorienting colour-skewing optical effects lingered long after exiting the room.

An essay by Alex Bowron accompanied the exhibition.
Grateful acknowledgements: Lee Henderson; Alex Bowron; Sandy Plotnikoff; The Toronto Arts Council.